WONDERTOOL™ – World’s First Portable Ozone Cleaner-universal, eco-friendly,
safe and economical 

WONDERTOOL™ for a SPORT – ideal, when you have only a few items to wash or your skin is sensitive to harmful chemicals and detergents

WONDERTOOL™ for a BABY – perfect for daily washing of kids clothes, because of gentle skin isn't compatible with chemical washing powders and germs

WONDERTOOL™ for an URBAN – great alternative to hand washing or making trips to the laundromat in-between big loads and anywhere where space is limited

WONDERTOOL™ for a HEALTH – best practice of protection against bacteria and agrochemicals for fruits, berries, vegetables, greens, mushrooms 

WONDERTOOL™ work from AC 110-240 v, as well as from the car lighter DC 12 v. Weight without loading - 11 lb (5 kg) and capable of washing up to - 6 lb (3kg). Dimensions - 13 "15 "13"


10 Reasons why You Need to

1. Washing without detergent – protect the environment and your skin  

2. Washing without pesky germs – stay healthy as your number one priority  

3. Washing in cold water – save energy and keep your clothes from shrinking

4. Washing without twisting – a gentle cycle keeps gentle clothes from stretching 

5. Dry cleaning without chemicals – remove those stinky smells without using hazardous chemicals 

6. Cleaning fruits/vegetables – just imagine, clean food without pesticides


7. Cleaning children's toys – keep your kids healthy by providing protection from bacteria and viruses


8. Cleaning the house with ozonized water – nothing is cleaner than using ozonized water


9. Air purification with ozonated water – not only pure water but clean air like never before!  


10. Disinfection of the car ventilation system   nothing can do this better than ozonized air

THE SECRET  is saturating the water with OZONE – ozone naturally defends and cleans our planet. Everyone remembers that fresh air smell left from a spring lightning storm - the ozone made it that way! The ozone works by breaking down the molecular bonds that hold grime to your clothes. Ozone makes this breakdown faster and more reliable than detergents, and it doesn't leave any chemical contamination in water and clothes. 
And you need fresh air in the house – make it happen with WONDERTOOL™ – it's a BONUS 

  • Ozone laundering eradicates 99.9 % of bacteria and viruses in less than a few minutes, and this isn't an achievable result for traditional heat treatment

  • Ozone requires cold water for effective performance and therefore saves up to 90% of the energy required by ordinary thermal laundering

  • Using ozone reduces the amount of detergent required by about 99% and all this with no skin allergies!

  • Your fabric life is extended due to lack of mechanical influences  



Changes Your Life for the Better 

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